The inaugural 2022 AUSA Warfighter Summit & Exposition is a two-day leader and professional development event themed "America's Response Force: Ready Today, Ready Tomorrow." The primary focus of this event is the Soldier, Families and defense industry professionals that support all aspects of the Warfighter in order to:

  • Advance "Warfighting" best practices to sustain foundational readiness and modernization.
  • Facilitate current doctrine and technology lash-up that enable the Warfighter.
  • Promote "installation and community resilience" to provide world-class support at home station for Warfighters, families and the community.

The AUSA Warfighter Summit and Exposition will feature presentations by distinguished speakers from across the defense and academic enterprise, including Army Senior Leaders and General Officer led commands based on Fort Bragg. Topics will span the seven warfighting functions and highlight the way Army operational forces can sharpen their capability edge for winning throughout the expanded competitive space.

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