National Partner Program


Our National Partner Program is the top membership at AUSA. Joining our National Partner Program will allow your organization to meet and interact on a personal level with Army and Congressional leadership at briefings, symposia, and networking events that AUSA conducts. Your participation ensures that your company will remain informed about the Army’s plans, programs and requirements for the future.



· Listed in AUSA’s Industry Guide

· Up to 50 Member spaces available for Individual Member Benefits

· Largest discount on registration & future exhibit opportunities

· Exhibit at the AUSA’s Annual Meeting (October) + Attendee Access

· Exclusive Access to special events at the Annual Meeting

· Affiliate with three AUSA Chapters


Community Partner Program


Membership is not required to participate in our Domestic and International shows. However, you can save on registration and exhibit costs by becoming a member. You must be at the Community Partner Membership 5 Member Level to get the Community Partner discount on exhibiting. Our Community Partner Program is great for local businesses to network, support, and strengthen their own businesses with the Army. This membership provides local organizations the opportunity to demonstrate to the community that they support Soldiers and their families while strengthening their own organizational and business objectives.



· Listed in USA’s Industry Guide

· Up to 10 Member spaces available for Individual Member Benefits

· Discounted registration & future exhibit opportunities

· Attendee Access at AUSA’s Annual Meeting (October)

· Paid Special Events available at the Annual Meeting

· Affiliate with your local AUSA Chapter


For more information on joining AUSA, please contact Lynette Nichols at 

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