Global Force 2022 Theme, Scope and Objective

This year's theme is Sustaining Army’s Modernization & Readiness Efforts.

Scope: Provide opportunities to discuss the Army’s modernization momentum towards the increasingly defined Multi-Domain Force and the Army’s ability to “fight tonight” in any domain. While materiel transformation focuses on “what we fight with”, “how we fight” and “who we are” require complimentary transformational efforts. Therefore, the conversation will include how the Army is changing its global posture, facilities and policies to enable a Multi-Domain Operations capable and ready force.

Objective: Achieve an understanding of the Army’s enduring priorities of people, modernization and readiness oriented towards a more lethal, resilient and rapidly innovating force to grow the Army’s competitive and comparative advantages in competition, crisis and conflict. In addition, demonstrate how the Army achieves balance through building relationships and partnerships grounded on shared objectives and trust.

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