Welcome to Post-Show registration for AUSA Now - The Time is Now, Tuesday, 13 October – Friday, 16 October 2020, 1000 – 1500 EDT. 
                                                    **Kindly register Once**

As a private association, AUSA reserves the right to deny admission or to cancel any registration without explanation. Registrants at AUSA Now should have an “identifiable relationship” with AUSA. The following are examples of acceptable demonstrations of such a relationship:

  • AUSA Membership
  • Any member of the US Armed Forces or their immediate family
  • Employee of an exhibiting company
  • Employee of an AUSA National Partner or Community Partner
  • Civilian or contracted employee of the Federal Government
  • Member of a U.S. military or veteran association
  • Member of the military forces of foreign nations, or civilian embassy employee
  • Military Cadet (service academies or JROTC/ROTC, OCS)
  • Media
  • Member of a Federal, State, or municipal law enforcement agency, a firefighter,
    or an EMT/EMS

Please click the Start button to begin the attendee registration process. 

Questions? Contact registration services at


AUSA Now Show Management encourages you to be aware of organizations who claim to have access to the AUSA Now Attendee List, as they may try to sell this list to you.  Please note: AUSA DOES NOT distribute attendee lists or attendee information and DOES NOT offer list rental services.  Like many trade shows today, AUSA Now is targeted by unethical businesses that may use valid email addresses from our website to contact our exhibitors about list rentals and other sales offers.  If you receive solicitations, please forward them to your exhibit sales contact or  Show Management takes every measure to protect customer data and will take appropriate actions to stop the sale any unofficial lists.

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