U.S. Army xTech Program

Office of Army Prize Competitions (xTech) and Army SBIR

The Army xTech Program

Email: usarmy.pentagon.hqda-asa-alt.mbx.xtechsearch@army.mil

The U.S. Army xTech Program, sponsored by the Assistant Secretary of the Army for Acquisition, Logistics and Technology (ASA(ALT)), launched its first ever xTechSearch competition in 2018 to redefine the future of the Army and how it identifies, awards and accelerates transformative technology solutions. Since its inception, the program has been the driving force in introducing innovative technologies from small, non-traditional businesses and entities, to grow the Army and Department of Defense ecosystems – supporting Soldiers, filling mission gaps and solving critical challenges. To date, the program has launched nearly 30 competitions, awarded over $19 million in prize money, and over $89 million in contracts and agreements for non-defense businesses and entities to form long-standing partnerships with the Army.


The Army SBIR Program

The Army SBIR Program provides a valuable opportunity for U.S. small businesses to engage with technical, acquisition and operational subject matter experts. These experts offer insight into technology needs while guiding them through the Army research and development ecosystem.

Small businesses collaborate with technical points of contact who serve as a resource as they mature their technologies for transition into Army acquisition programs. The program’s flexibility and timeliness, maximizes initial cash flow for small businesses while minimizing the time to contract.

The Army SBIR Program releases contract opportunities on a rolling basis to respond to the Army’s current and anticipated technology needs. For a list of open topics and eligibility information, visit www.armysbir.army.mil.

xTech and Army Applied SBIR Innovator’s Corner
Booth 2261 | Hall B

The Innovator’s Corner will showcase winners and finalists from recent xTech competitions with opportunities to demo their technology concepts and capabilities addressing various challenge topics including Additive Manufacturing, Logistics/Supply Chain, Sustainment and Climate, Advanced Manufacturing and Materials, Assured Position Navigation and Timing, Clean Energy Storage, Autonomous Platforms and more! Stop by to hear how these businesses are spurring the future of technology for the Army and about the upcoming opportunities that the xTech and Army SBIR Programs may have to offer.

For more information, visit the xTech or Army SBIR website or email the xTech or Army SBIR team. You can also follow programmatic updates on social media on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.


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