2023 Frequently Asked Questions

Where and when is the AUSA Annual Meeting and Exposition?
The AUSA Annual Meeting and Exposition will take place 9-11 October 2023, at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center (WEWCC) located between 7th and 9th Streets and where New York and Massachusetts Avenues intersect in Washington, D.C. All events will be in-person. Our ballroom events will be live streamed on AUSA.org.

Walter E Washington Convention Center
801 Mt Vernon Place, NW
Washington, DC 20001

Who can attend the Annual Meeting?
Registrants should have an “identifiable relationship” with AUSA. As a private association, AUSA reserves the right to deny admission or to cancel any registration without explanation. The following are acceptable relationships:
· AUSA Membership
· Any member of the Armed Forces or their immediate family
· Employee of an exhibiting company
· Employee of an AUSA National Partner or Community Partner
· Civilian or contracted employee of the Federal Government
· Member of a designated U.S. military or veteran association
· Member of the military forces of foreign nations, or civilian embassy employees
· Military Cadet (service academies or JROTC/ROTC, OCS)
· Media
· Member of a Federal, State, Tribal or municipal law enforcement agency, a firefighter, or an EMT/EMS

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