Portable Power Management (PPM)

PPM modularv combines flexibility and scalability into a 19-inch rack design, built to allow easy integration of electrical generation sources for current and future power needs. 

The plug and play modules showcase smart energy management with an intuitive user interface packaged in a ruggedized case for maximum durability. The unified and cuboid housing in combination with the mechanical locking system allows for a safe and efficient use of space during transport, storage, and operational use. PPM modularv enables integration of renewables, gensets, or a commercial grid power to allow maximum flexibility for a broad range of mission profiles. Energy storage modules expand applications to UPS, peak shaving, and load leveling systems, e.g. for unstable local grids. Energy storage scales easily and can be adapted for changing tactical conditions. Storage modules provide peak shaving capability up to 11 kW. Loads up to 8 kW can be supplied permanently. And the transport, setup and operation of the entire system can be done without heavy machinery or special qualification. 

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