Systecon North America

Tactical Augmented Optimization (TAO)

The U.S. Army wanted to analyze the operational status of military vehicles and weapons systems using 4042 AI’s proprietary AI and Predictive Analytics software in tandem with Systecon systems.

Systecon’s Team has implemented predictive analytics technology that enabled the Army to understand equipment condition and optimize the decision-making process to meet fleet readiness goals for the Army Prognostics & Predictive Maintenance program.

Systecon leveraged its unique ability to improve equipment availability and fleet readiness across the force using a holistic approach to assess Operational Tempo (OPTEMPO) impacts, actual Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) Rates, effectiveness of existing service schedules, accuracy of supply forecasting, depot production sufficiency and more.

Overcoming a major hurdle that has led to the success of this partnership is Systecon’s ability to leverage raw data from the platform sensors and maintenance data to train and deploy AI Algorithms from team partner 4042 AI and build predictive models to accurately anticipate system failures and calculate remaining useful life.

This approach provided a comprehensive course-of-action analysis that accurately calculates a probability of failure but also takes a comprehensive approach to simulate mission effectiveness extending traditional predictive maintenance methodologies and ensures that the system only recommends maintenance when it will impact mission capability and could defer maintenance if it is non-critical or there is not a maintainer of spare part available.

Systecon's Artificial Intelligence algorithms predict failures with 96% accuracy for the Army. This work provides the U.S. Army the ability to provide more timely and accurate failure rate calculations to better optimize the supply chain and optimize maintenance to maximize mission effectiveness using cutting edge methods for fleet analytics.

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