Handheld SWIR Monocular

Raptor's handheld SWIR monocular operates in zero light conditions, greatly enhancing vision at night or in dust, fog, smoke conditions as well as full day time operation. It offers countermeasure capability in that it detects all FoF (Friend or Foe) LTD (Laser Target Designator) wavelengths. It is ideal for special operations personnel, offering a compact, lightweight, rugged, and reliable solution. It allows for both passive day and night vision and See Spot Detection (Laser Target designation) for any battlefield laser, from 600nm to 1700nm. It will support / enable next generation ISR in contested and non-permissive environments. It is light weight, pocket-sized developed to provide precise and accurate target acquisition during day and night operations. It comes with a choice of video output with a built in OLED, or CCIR (25Hz) or EIA (30Hz) to a ruggedized mini-monitor. 

Raptor also offers a growing range of integrated camera systems (ICS) including the handheld SWIR monocular. Systems cover wavelength ranges from UV to SWIR, including day and night vision. Various optical solutions are available including “hot swappable” fixed lenses as well as motorized lenses for short, medium and long rang surveillance.  The systems are fully integrated, ruggedized and can be mounted on tripods, rails etc. and can be remotely operated. There is a full range of accessories available including battery options, recording options, monitors and processor configurations, as well as custom Peli cases. 

Raptor is a UK company with an office in the US. Raptor Photonics Inc has a team of support engineers, to provide demo and local technical support. To find out more about Raptor’s range of systems and cameras, contact us on sales@raptorphotonics.com.

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