Qlik Cloud Government

As governments and public sector agencies modernize their digital infrastructure and adopt new technologies like automation, AI, and data connectivity, the ability to extract insights from data is increasingly crucial. Launched in September of 2021, Qlik Cloud Government provides U.S. public sector organizations with a modern data analytics platform that is built for speed and the ability to continuously scale, while following the strict security standards of the FedRAMP Marketplace. 

Qlik Cloud Government sets the benchmark for third-generation analytics, empowering everyone in the organization to make data-driven decisions. Built on Qlik’s unique Associative analytics engine, Qlik Sense®, Qlik Cloud Government offers industry-leading data analytics capabilities for the full range of users and use cases — from self-service analytics to interactive dashboards, search and conversational analytics, custom, and embedded analytics, reporting and alerting. It augments and enhances human intuition with AI-powered insight suggestions and natural-language interaction.

Organizations can take advantage of Qlik Cloud Government to lower infrastructure costs, the operational benefits from offsetting hardware and maintenance, and continuous releases that ensure users always have the newest analytics at their fingertips. 

More details on Qlik Cloud Government can be found on Qlik’s website: https://www.qlik.com/us/solutions/industries/public-sector

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