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Digital Transformation 101 for PMOs

MTSI’s Digital Transformation 101 (DT 101) for Program Management Offices (PMOs) is a two-day, in-person course that provides an in-depth study of Digital Transformation concepts. This course is exclusively designed for Government Program Management Office Chief Engineers, Program Managers, and other executive-level stakeholders focused on implementing a digital ecosystem to revolutionize their organizations and drive value to the warfighter.
Sample Course Topics Include:
  • Digital Engineering and its benefits
  • Industry methods and tools
  • Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) and the Digital Twin
  • Agile Software Development
  • Development|Security|Operations (DevSecOps)
  • Modular Open Scaleable Architecture

Art of the Possible
Advances in technology enable us to solve complex problems in the modern world and have driven organizations to rapidly pivot towards adopting digital processes to outpace near peer threats.  These advances enable an Authoritative Source of Truth (ASoT) to aid in implementing top-down strategy across Government systems, assess design changes throughout the system lifecycle, and optimize costs across an individual project or solutions portfolio.
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The Challenge
Army Directive 2019-29 (Enabling Readiness and Modernization Through Advanced Manufacturing) directs, “Materiel developers will use digital engineering throughout all phases of the acquisition lifecycle to the maximum extent practical.”
With Shrinking Budgets…
Shortage in Critical Skillsets… 
But how does an Acquisition Corps Program Manager implement that direction?
The Digital Transformation
MTSI, an industry leader in Digital Transformation, is here to help revolutionize the US Army by supporting the Army Digital Transformation Strategy. 

Our mission is to equip the Program Management Office through training and education firmly grounded in the engineering principles of “going digital”. 
  • Answering the question - “What is Digital Engineering?” 
  • Diving into the concept of - “The Digital Thread” 
  • Exploring - “What is a Digital Twin” 
  • Providing an overview of - “What is a Digital Ecosystem”
  • Solving the Problem – “How do I get Started”

Through our Digital Transformation 101 for PMOs course, your organization will be empowered to deliver rapid capabilities to the warfighter using a digital strategy that will scale, with speed.

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