Kymeta™ Osprey u8

The Kymeta™ Osprey u8 hybrid satellite and cellular terminal is a proven resource designed for mission-critical government and military operations. It provides a complete customized, rugged connectivity platform for the military that improves communications-on-the-move (COTM), networks-on-the-move (NOTM), and communications-on-the-pause (COTP). Learn more here:

Key features:

•    Ease of use: Minimal training required with mobile, auto-acquire functionality;                                   
•    Flexible: Modular equipment bay and mounting systems for a wide range of combat vehicle systems;
•    Durable: Designed and tested to MIL-STD-810 and MIL-STD-1275Low power: Operates on native DC power with 130 W power steady state consumption;
•    Resiliency: Enables automated path diversity in contested environments;
•    Increased survivability: Designed for low profile integration and low thermal signature;
•    Low total cost of ownership: Antenna has no moving parts and a high MTBF;
•    LEO-expandable: LEO expansion with GEO/LEO operation capability.

This innovative terminal mounts easily on a wide array of military vehicles, vessels, and fixed platforms and provides reliable broadband connectivity in the most remote and challenging military and civilian environments. 

The Osprey u8 terminals are revolutionary because they have been designed to be flexible and multi-orbit multi-network - GEO/LEO ready, are one of the lowest visibility terminals on the market, and can be unpackaged, lifted, mounted, and operated in less than 20 minutes with minimal technical training needed while acquiring a signal in less than one minute from initiation of acquisition. It is a ruggedized terminal the comes in military colors and CARC coatings, includes MIL-SPEC connections and mounts, and is modular so military personnel can customize terminals with mission specific kits ensuring their mission-critical needs are met wherever and whenever they depend on it most.

Kymeta’s Osprey u8 is based on the company’s unique metamaterial science-based technology making it the only land-based solution of its kind that ensures always-ready, always-on, high-throughput mobile connectivity from any location and has been validated in some of the world’s most challenging communications environments.

The military relies on consistent communications with the highest levels of security and encryption requirements for sending and receiving information. Kymeta’s Osprey u8 supports multiple modems in both standard commercial networks as well as those employing TRANSEC communications security. The terminal is also easy-to-use and has a flexible mounting system that operates on a wide range of combat vehicle systems, ultimately ensuring military are backed by a complete and customized rapid-deployment solution and the fastest out-of-the-box communication anywhere. 

Kymeta’s innovative technology has been deployed on cars, trucks, trains, buses, vessels, renewable energy facilities, armored vehicles, and more. Today, the company’s metamaterials-based terminals are trusted by government, military, and commercial customers in remote and disaster-stricken areas around the globe, providing reliable communications that aid in rescuing people, saving lives, and completing missions. 

Through ongoing innovation in the industry, Kymeta is disrupting the market and improving efficiency and safety by unlocking the potential of broadband satellite connectivity, combined with cellular networks, to meet the growing need for COTM, NOTM and COTP in military and civilian environments. Find more about Kymeta’s DoD/MoD solutions:  

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