John Cockerill Defense America

Cockerill i-X


John Cockerill Defense is proud to present the Cockerill® i-X, an integrated combat vehicle system which combines extreme speed, overmatching firepower and adaptative stealth to revolutionize land engagements. 

The Cockerill® i-X is the first ever ground interceptor and breakthrough integrated combat vehicle system for land operations – designed to engage and defeat incoming threats before they reach their objective.  Born from the merger of cutting edge weapon systems technology with speed and mobility of rally off-road performance, the Cockerill® i-X represents a break with traditional concepts and drives a new paradigm for military land operations. 

The vehicle is capable of on-road speeds in excess of 100mph and off-road speeds in excess of 85 mph with thermal or hybrid thermal-electric drive train. It is lightweight and stealthy, with appearance management from adaptive camouflage and modification of IR and acoustic signature.  The Cockerill® i-X integrates multi sensor data fusion technology such as Smart Helmet, on-board intelligence AI, cameras, sensors, LWS, Acoustic Gunshot detection/localization and is capable of integrating a suite of effective weapons such as 25mm, 30x113mm, Anti-tank Missiles, Rockets, and UAS depending on the threat. 

The most striking and innovative aspect of the Cockerill® i-X is the completely retractable weapon system which enables its revolutionary stealth and speed. The vehicle will be easily transportable by rotary- and fixed-wing aircraft (to include parachute insertion), light watercraft, and rail.


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