Human Performance Pavilion

BeaverFit USA, the leading supplier of human performance solutions to the U.S. military and NATO allies, is proud to be the presenting sponsor of the inaugural Human Performance Pavilion at AUSA 2022. The Human Performance Pavilion will consist of a small-scale, fully functional H2F training facility and feature open workouts, product demonstrations from 18 leading solution providers, and keynote presentations from U.S. Army leadership. To learn more about the Human Performance Pavilion, visit


Monday, 10 October

  • 1100 - 1130: Exercise Demonstration: Squat
  • 1330 - 1400: Exercise Demonstration: Hinge

Tuesday, 11 October

  • 0700 - 0830: Training + Technology Showcase - RSVP
  • 1000 - 1030: Exercise Demonstration: Pull
  • 1130 - 1200: Presentation: Tactical Command Perspective on H2F


  1. CSM David L. Cutshall, BDE CSM 18TH FAB
  2. MSG Joshua J. Bell, 18TH FAB H2F NCOIC
  3. Mr. Jason Pomili, 18TH FAB H2F Program Director
  • 1400 - 1430: Exercise Demonstration: Running form and technique

Wednesday, 12 October

  • 0700 - 0830: Training + Technology Showcase - RSVP
  • 1300 - 1330: Exercise Demonstration: Lunge/Step

Training + Technology Showcase
Join us for an exclusive Training + Technology Showcase to participate in an evaluation and training session, or to observe how real-time data and analytics can be collected and analyzed, providing a deeper look into the readiness of individual Soldiers and Units.

For more information or to sign up, click here: Human Performance Pavilion Training + Technology Showcase RSVP .


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