SAMS-T (Smart Aerial Monitoring System)

A drone-based multisensor area dominance solution. Easy Aerials’s tethered and free-fly drones offer a cohesive ground and air tactical situational awareness sensors suite, including EO/IR payload with embedded Edge processing AI analytics, full 360 ground and air radar coverage, and additional custom payloads as needed.

SAMS-T is a unique and robust military-grade drone-in-a-box solution that allows for the autonomous use of sUAV technology, ensuring a versatile eye-in-the-sky that offers unparalleled protection and situational awareness to those on the ground. This state-of-the-art drone system operates in a tethered mode for prolonged missions and in free-flight autonomous or directed ISR missions. Even in extreme weather conditions, Easy Aerial's SAMS-T solution can be performed remotely without the need for on-site intervention and allows for a fleet of drones to take off and land in different Easy Guard ground stations.


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