Spot Quadruped Robot   

The Boston Dynamics Spot quadruped robot solution is designed to support a wide range of public safety missions, and is configured with a payload kit that includes Spot® CAM+IR, Arm and Radio. The Spot CAM + IR is a 360 degree pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) camera that collects color visuals and performs detailed visual and thermal inspections remotely, allowing operators to be positioned at a safe distance while inspecting potentially hazardous environments. 

In collaboration with Persistent Systems, Spot utilizes the MPU5 Mobile Ad Hoc Networking radio (MANET) to provide real-time critical data. Operators can use this configuration to extend or repeat communications in a variety of operating environments. In addition, Spot's fully integrated arm provides operators with the ability to manually or semi-autonomously grasp, pick, place, carry, or drag a variety of objects including door knobs, tools, and valve handles. As a result, users can more quickly and easily program the robot in the field to support a wide range of requirements. By combining these capabilities onto a single platform, Spot allows operators to remotely explore dangerous situations safety, precisely and without boundaries. 

Visit Boston Dynamics and see Spot in action in booth 3547. For more information, visit

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