LOCUST Laser System

The BlueHalo LOCUST Laser System was delivered to the U.S. Army Rapid Capabilities and Critical Technologies Office (RCCTO) as part of the Palletized High Energy Laser (P-HEL) program to address the counter-small unmanned aerial systems (C-sUAS) mission need. The LOCUST Laser System combines precision optical and laser hardware with advanced software, algorithms, and processing to enable and enhance the directed energy “kill chain”– including tracking, identifying, and engaging a wide variety of targets with its hard-kill high energy laser. It pairs state-of-the-art, commercially available hardware with best-in-class software, algorithms, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to maximize performance. 

The LOCUST Laser System is designed to be modular and extensible in order to provide a balance between system complexity, mission suitability, efficacy, and system cost.  The ultimate intent of the system is to deliver a mission-effective capability to counteract Group?1 and Group?2 UAS. This mission drives the entire system architecture from detection through interdiction.  Specifically, the system is modular and intended to be right-sized for the mission. The LOCUST Laser System is designed to be networkable, able to easily integrate new external sensing capabilities, and features an effector capability commensurate with the soft nature of sUAS targets.  The result of this mission-focused design–readily coupled with other effectors and sensors and complimented with a simple and effective laser effector–is a broadband detection suite architected to sense and engage with all known threat types. 

BlueHalo’s LOCUST Laser System is: 
Multi-Domain Applicable 
Highly Transportable 
Easy-to-Learn & Operate 

Supported by BlueHalo’s long corporate heritage in laser weapons and tracking systems, the LOCUST Laser System has been delivered to U.S. Army RCCTO and is transforming the landscape of modern warfare, protecting warfighters on the frontlines and supporting mission success. 

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