Military Family Forums

Military Family Forum I

Quality of Life at Your Fingertips
Monday, 11 October
2:00pm–4:00pm / Room 207 AB
Army quality of life is important because it directly impacts the Army’s number one priority – people! This is a discussion on how the Army and the DoD are improving Army quality of life with an emphasis on innovation, accountability, and enhanced service delivery through digital applications.The Army is making life easier by enabling a hybrid approach in its ability to provide Soldier and Family programs and services.

Military Family Forum II

Transforming the Solider & Family
Readiness System
Tuesday, 12 October
9:30am–11:30am / Room 207 AB
Unit readiness + Family readiness = Operational readiness. The Army Soldier and Family Readiness system includes both Army/DoD provided programs and other federal, state, and community-based agencies and organizations. This will be a discussion on how the Army is transforming the Family Readiness System of support through its collaborative efforts with DoD-operated and community-based organizations.

Military Family Forum III

A Town Hall with Army Senior Leaders
Tuesday, 12 October
3:00pm–4:30pm / Room 207 AB
This town hall-style discussion moderated by the Deputy Chief of Staff, G-9, Lieutenant General Jason T. Evans, features the Secretary of the Army, the Honorable Christine E. Wormuth, the Chief of Staff of the Army, General James C. McConville, and Sergeant Major of the Army Michael A. Grinston as panelists who take questions from the participants. This is a unique opportunity to participate in a candid discussion with the Army’s senior leaders.

AUSA Modern Protocol & Evolving Traditions

The Value of Protocol and Traditions in the 21st Century
10:00am–12:00pm / Room 207 A
*Ticketed event
Insights from Customs, Courtesies, & Traditions of the United States Army author Mrs. Ginger Perkins, Operation Deploy Your Dress Executive Director and co-founder Mrs. Yvonne Coombes, and the Chief of the Army Protocol Training Program, Ms. Elizabeth Simpson.